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fem-talks-april-2016-9Julia is a sought-after speaker, author and coach. She speaks on effective communication skills, self-expression and finding your voice for entrepreneurs, professionals and healing arts practitioners.

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We were so lucky to have Julia lead our group – her talk was a great mix of valuable information, exercises to deepen the learning, and the opportunity to practice speaking in front of the group. She gave insightful and encouraging feedback. The response has been tremendous – learning how to better connect with your audience in any context is such an important skill. I couldn’t recommend Julia highly enough!

– Lindsay, CEO Women Catalysts San Francisco


Talk topics include:

MC at HLHL 4“Speak to Inspire: How to Find Your Authentic Voice, Stand in Your Value and Change the World with Your Message”

Speaking can be one of the most lucrative and effective ways to grow your business, build a reputation and make an impact that changes lives.

But, if nervousness, self-doubt and confusion get in the way you’re left feeling uncomfortable and your audience is left without your amazing offering!

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn…

  • Insider Secrets to Light Up the Room Without Saying a Word!
  • How to Inspire Your Audience to Work with You
  • Overcome Fear and Feel More Confident Every Time You Speak

If you are burnt out from spending hours figuring out a talk and feeling overwhelmed with spinning your wheels, you could be missing a key piece of the puzzle. Julia will reveal how to make a difference in the lives of your audience without hours of preparation or even business skills!


“How To Use Body Language And Voice Tone To Increase Your Sales”

Speak To Inspire Meetup Sept 2015 Julia 2Studies show that non-verbal cues are at least 93% of communication yet most business and sales trainings focus on content and strategies. Do you know how to harness your non-verbal expression to leverage your sales and increase your conversion rate from speaking gigs or presentations?

In Julia’s talk you’ll learn:

  • How To Read The Under-The-Radar Language of Non-Verbals
  • How To Leverage Non-Verbals To Influence Your Audience
  • What Your Non-Verbals Are Saying About You And How You’re Leaving $1000’s On The Table


When is Julia speaking next? Check out this calendar to see when you could connect with her in person!


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