I want to share my singing practice with you in a more widely accessbile way. I will periodically post new recordings here for you to enjoy like you would while in Savasana in one of my classes. 

I love to sing. Singing, sound-making and chanting have been important parts of my personal healing and continue to be a direct connection to my heart and the flow of Spirit. I love to offer inspirational, meditative and spiritual songs at the end of each class or workshop. Singing is another way I endeavor to embody my  voice and share my inner world generously. 


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“I felt this connection when, at the end of the class, she sang with such a beautiful voice that tears shed from my eyes. I felt at peace with myself.

I also remember sharing this experience with her and how fascinating it had been for me. She welcomed my feelings with an open heart and a warm look in her eyes. That empathy coming from her is what keeps me coming back.”

>> Silvana

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