Visual Art

I hope you enjoy my intuitive and passionate paintings that capture a playful, vibrant inner world. I love to use bright colors and expressive lines to bring to life my feelings in the present moment. Let your rational mind rest as you enjoy these energetic paintings.

Below is a slideshow of my most recent paintings, drawings and collages. It may take a minute or two to load, or you can click here.🙂


I feel so alive and free when I dance especially when it’s improvised and spontaneous. Contact Improv is an amazing partner dance form that combines the mindfulness I learned from Vipassana/Buddhist meditation with the somatic expression I’ve learned in yoga, acro yoga, theater etc. You can read more about contact improv and watch some videos here.


Ecstatic Dance is an umbrella term for any free-form, conscious dancing. There are so many ecstatic dance forms popping up these days but I continue to love the simple container of a “Barefoot Boogie” or “Dance Jam” or “Dance Church” where an open dance floor, funky dj’ed music and a mindful, playful environment invite me to be my whole self in the dance. Specifically, I’ve explored and enjoyed 5 Rhythms Dance, Nia and Shiva Rea’s Trance Dance.



Acro Yoga Acro Yoga is a partner practice that provides a perfect framework to practice the art of building relationship and connection. I love this practice and will share videos and photos here of my burgeoning skills. Enjoy!


I love to sing. Singing, sound-making and chanting have been important parts of my personal healing and continue to be a direct connection to my heart and the flow of Spirit. I offer inspirational, meditative and spiritual songs at the end of each class or workshop. I will periodically post new recordings here for you to enjoy like you would while in Savasana in one of my classes.


“I felt this connection when, at the end of the class, [Julia] sang with such a beautiful voice that tears shed from my eyes. I felt at peace with myself.

I also remember sharing this experience with her and how fascinating it had been for me. She welcomed my feelings with an open heart and a warm look in her eyes. That empathy coming from her is what keeps me coming back.”

>> Silvana


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