Ready to rock your next talk or pitch?

How do you usually prepare for a big presentation, meeting or event? If you’re like many, you go over your notes over and over again and hope they’ll stick, right?

And, if you’re like most people, it takes 5-10 minutes to “get into the flow” with your talk. Your first few minutes are choppy as you get into the zone, get comfortable and find your thoughts. Sound like you?

But, what if you only have 1, 2, or 5 minutes to talk???Cover Page E-Book

How can you make a powerful impact from the first word? Even from the first moment you walk onto stage!

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Warm-Up Routine For Speakers Who Change The World

Finally be ready before you go on stage!!

Think of this as an investment in your speaking and leadership development. You can work with this 15-20 min practice routine for years to come to continually enhance your comfort, connection and presence.

Comes with a special bonus pdf, Tips for Vocal Health! This priceless guide to maintaining vocal health throughout your career will keep you from ever losing your voice.

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  • Easy, fun and accessible exercises that you can take on-the-go anywhere you need them!
  • A simple structure that keeps you learning so your speaking can be ever-fresh
  • A guided process to increase self-awareness of skills necessary for powerful teaching


0006_XavierBaileyPhotographyJulia specializes in uncovering your natural, free, authentic voice and expression. By removing the “mask” from your voice and presentation, your audience is given the opportunity to fall in love with you as you are (yes, with all of your *seemingly* inexcusable foibles) and you are free to play more in your role as facilitator.

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