Do you make the impact you want to when you speak?

Do you dread public speaking? How about writing a speech, asking for funding, or explaining why you should be promoted?11778148_606972515666_1154464790_n

We aren’t born knowing how to deal with the stress of speaking and leading. Just like yoga,
it’s a practice that takes time to learn and embody. But you can feel calm and confident while speaking.

And most of all, you can make a difference with how you speak…and still feel like the real you.

Start the journey with your complimentary “Speak to Inspire” Breakthrough Session, a one-on-one phone call with Julia.

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I now feel confident to jump up and speak almost anytime, on phone calls, pod casts, videos and live. More opportunities are coming to me and I am confident I can run with them.” — Essi, User Experience Designer in San Francisco

“At the conclusion of our session I felt very encouraged by Julia’s suggestions. Walking away with precise and unambiguous strategies left me feeling a deeper confidence.” – Lauren, San Diego, C

Clear, confident, and authentic communication is what makes a business or leader successful. Jerry Weintraub, Film Producer and CEO of United Artists, said, “Relationships are the only thing that matter in business and life.”

“Speak to Inspire” programs support mission-driven professionals, like you, with practical tools to help you stay connected to your deepest authenticity when you speak.

If you could speak in a way that creates powerful connections with the power-players in your industry, what could you accomplish?

If you could speak in a way that creates empowering relationships with your co-workers, team or staff, what would it allow you to do?

In the “Speak to Inspire” programs, you will learn:

  • How to use your voice to take your leadership to the next level
  • How to embody the power, presence, and aliveness you admire in your personal role models and heroes
  • What to do when the dreaded “monkey mind” sweeps you up while speaking, causing you to forget what you wanted to say or grow flustered or embarrassed
  • How to keep your body centered, calm, and at-ease while speaking
  • How to use the internal presence generated by a yoga practice to form the external presence needed to speak from the heart (and from the best part of the mind)
  • How to shift from self-consciousness to self-confidence by reframing the challenges of leadership, facilitating, and speakingBI-152011-182.

Julia has keen insight and is knowledgeable about the use of voice and communication. “ – Jayne Bernasconi, Towson, MD

If you decide “Speak to Inspire” coaching is right for you, we’ll work together for 3-6 months, 1-2x per week.

  • You don’t have to repeat this program or keep taking sessions forever.
  • Upon completion, you will have a tool belt of powerful skills that will last a lifetime.
  • We design your package specifically for you, with all the extras that fit your needs and goals.

This is not life coaching. This is not goal setting. “Speak to Inspire” is pure and powerful teaching on dynamic speaking skills, connection, and authenticity.Speaker Venture Warm-Up Diva 4

Julia is the kind of coach from whom it is easy to take guidance. She projects authenticity and compassion, and her manner reveals an ethic of caring that inspires a trusting relationship.” – Shauna, San Diego, C

The world needs your voice

Are you ready to Speak to Inspire?

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