“Julia’s enthusiasm, support and expertise as a coach helped me rediscover my voice and increased my confidence on stage. The cool part, the exercises she offers are fun, playful and creative!”

          – Jamie Worster, yoga teacher and Ayurvedic practitioner, Maine 


“A master teacher, Julia  taught me to commit to my potential as a speaker and leader.  I yearned to take my message to the next level. Through her instruction, I realized that inspirational public speaking and  transforms the audience, as well as the orator. I now enthusiastically  embrace  public speaking as a spiritual practice that integrates my ‘on stage’ big/high energy self with my subtle spiritual internal self. They are two sides of the same coin and grow together, one of external leadership and the other of internal reflection and growth.

If you have aspirations as a public speaker, Julia is your go-to person. She’s very reasonably priced, and the small group format is invaluable for getting lots of live feedback and support. And we had fun!”

– Kimi Avary, Relationship Navigation Specialist, speaker and author, El Cerrito, CA


“My favorite part of “Speak to Inspire” was Julia’s ability to help me develop an authentic and confident voice. It’s within all of us, but Julia help you discover your full range of potential.

Julia’s speaking philosophy and coaching style is truly life changing. It’s not one size fits all. I use to dread the thought of a speaking workshop because I thought I’d get pitched the typical sales-y pitch presentation tips, but Julia’s philosophy is much more holistic and integrated to you and your style.  I’m extremely grateful for her coaching and know it will pay off for years to come. Invest in yourself and have a great coach by your side.”


“Julia is an amazing coach who has helped me to transform myself as a communicator. With Julia’s help I have been able to feel more confident as a speaker in both, on stage but also in everyday life. ”

– Mark Harris, artist, activist and speaker, San Francisco, CA



“Julia is passionate, abundant and able to refine and polish, bringing out the best voice in you.  Working with Julia has been theatrical, rich and fun.  The modules of Julia’s online program are such a whole and full resource for speaking.  The individual coaching has been rich and polished.  Julia gets to the essence of you and brings your shining presence forward in your speak.  I encourage anybody to dive into yourself and your voice with Julia”

– Dipika Delmenico, Ayurvedic practitioner, Australia


“Thanks, Julia. You made it all possible.  I stretched in the bathroom, warmed up in the car, worked on breathing instead of racing whenever I felt nervous. Paused more. I even got a few laughs and some empathetic sighs. ”

– Amy, Managing Editor at The Center For Investigative Reporting, Berkeley, CA

“Before finding Julia I fumbled my way through speaking gigs as a yoga teacher and author. I wish I found her earlier in my life because her work made a tremendous difference. I feel authentically connected to my voice, in both the sound and the words that come out of my mouth. Thank you Julia! Don’t hesitate to invest in her programs. My throat chakra is healed.”

– Elise Marie Collins, Yoga Teacher, Author and Speaker, San Francisco, CA


“This is a speaking tour that could continue for a while. Way above half are purchasing books now. The ratio is more than 70% for the tour and some events have sold more books than there were people, so 110%”

– Michael, Author and Speaker, Oakland, CA


10940630_10205645829248838_1674375202576478163_n“The biggest change I’ve seen since working with Julia is my confidence in what I’m saying and my presence. I no longer feel the intense need to say the “right” thing. I allow myself to flow and the words present themselves with little work and a lot of trust.

I like having solid, useful and grounding tools that work for me when I’m swept up in my nerves when it comes to speaking in front of others.

It has made me a lot more self aware of some of the patterns that I have adopted for many years of my life that have kept me from not always giving myself the freedom to say what I need, how I need to say it. By having the awareness around these patterns I’m able to shift them ”

-Rachel, Entrepreneur and Founder of “Crunch Culture”, Berkeley, CA



“Because I gave the time, money and energy to invest in my career by working with Julia, I think and actdifferently when speaking to folks. There is so much value in her program! I speak louder, more clearly, with more direct connection to others; I listen more deeply, using my ‘radar’ for feedback from them.”

-Ayden, Environmentalist and Speaker, Richmond, CA


Karson-Yoga-Shot “Julia has helped to open us up to our authentic voices and step outside our comfort zones. In doing so, we’ve have learned about how our voices and energies come across. Julia does a wonderful job of reflecting back in a loving and supportive way. From the beginning to the end, I noticed a real blossoming. Plus, it was fun to dig deep, get brave, and express myself.”

>> Karson McKinley, San Diego, CA


jayne“Julia has keen insight and is knowledgeable about the use of voice and communication.  She took my students to the next level to helped unlock their authentic voices.  She uses playful exercises as well as breathing exercises to unveil their “comfortable” voices.  I was impressed with the results and I know that my students were, too. ”

> Jayne Bernasconi ,Towson MD


0bdc43e“In my coaching with Julia, I most appreciated her clarity. Instead of speaking in broad sweeping terms about large teaching concepts, she identified, with specific and clear language, the areas in which she saw the potential for growth.She paired this insight with practical and immediate offerings that I could use to enhance and develop my skills.

Julia is the kind of coach from whom it is easy to take guidance. She projects authenticity and compassion, and her manner reveals an ethic of caring that inspires a trusting relationship.”

>> Lauren, San Diego, CA

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