I know you really care about people and really want to do a good job, right? 

Omg, me too! For example, this past weekend I had a group of people I didn’t know over to my house for a workshop. I wanted them to feel really comfortable and at home, and I wanted them to like me and think I had it together. 

So, I cleaned my house down to the nook and crannies. I thought ahead anticipating their every need– tissue boxes in strategic places, glasses for water out on the counter, tea prepared, etc. I even went and bought a shoe rack so there would be space for all their shoes in the “right” place. 

Now, you could say that that’s all very nice and thoughtful. But, the thing was that once everyone was there and settled in everything went different then I could have anticipated. 

My cats were going in and out through the back door and people complained of being cold. We didn’t have enough chairs so people had to sit on the floor. No one wanted tea; they were really hungry. 

The best part was that all the things that went “wrong” with my hosting skills (one way to look at it) really didn’t  matter. We had a great time. Everyone learned a lot! And, everyone complimented me on my beautiful home. 

*Sigh Of Relief* 

We all have a bit of an inner perfectionist. How does this show up for you? 

I’ve noticed that this is a common theme for many around speaking because it’s so vulnerable and nerve-wracking to get up there and take the reigns. We bombarded by criticism– internally and externally. Agh! 

If only you could be the “perfect” speaker… then what? Then you’d have all the money you want? Then you’d get the promotion? Then you’d gain the respect of your colleagues? What? 

Unpack this a little bit and really see if perfectionism is serving you. 

On the other side of perfectionism is being authentically human and alive. This is actually what we crave, right??

As a performer/speaker it’s your impulsive, responsive and engaging presence that lights up a room. It’s when you’re raw, reckless and abandoned that we fall in love with you. 

How can you let go of perfectionism a bit more? 

Enjoy this little video I made for you this week about this very topic! 

Let me know how perfectionism shows up in your life and in your speaking. 

The world needs your voice.