3 Secrets Every Woman Leader Needs To Know To Be A Better Speaker


You walk on to the stage. All eyes turn to you. The room goes hush.


Do your words fall flat or inspire?


I’m Julia Beauchamp and I’m passionate about YOU making a BIG difference in the world through powerful public speaking.femtalks-113 copy


Fifty to eighty percent of communication is non-verbal, so how you say what you say can make or break your ability to make an impact.


First of all, you might not think of yourself as a speaker. You might work for a company, be a consultant for other companies or own your own company, however in all of these situations (unless you’re a computer engineer who literally stares at a screen all day) you speak all the time, right? And, Your results come down to how well you communicate your message. And, how you show up as a leader… or not.


Beyond just your work, perhaps you feel called to something bigger. Many of the women I work with feel a sense of purpose or calling to share an important message with the world. When they aren’t sharing that message, they’re not quite fully fulfilled and feel stuck playing small. When you have a big mission and a lot of passion like that, it needs to be shared and you need to be heard.


_MG_2489I’ve definitely felt that way before. I’ve always been passionate about performance and so it was natural for me to study acting in college. But when I went out into the world of professional theater and spent long days auditioning for low-paying local productions (and got rejected day in and day out) I decided acting wasn’t the life for me. I chose to train as a yoga teacher instead and spent 10 years teaching yoga full-time.


In a lot of ways I loved it, but there was always something missing. My heart is in the healing potential of performing arts because I had grown so much through learning acting, improv, voice, etc. (I’ll tell you more about that story in my next talk!). I had to go back to my roots in theater somehow. When I found my message and started speaking about it, a natural happiness and fulfillment arose along with a deep confidence.


That's me up on stage!

That’s me up on stage!

Now after 15 years of being a total geek for anything performance and voice, over 10,000 hours of practice and over 2,500 hours of time on stage, I not only know what it takes to be an effective, powerful and inspiring speaker, but also I know how important it is that we all find the speaker within us that has something to say to the world and cultivate her. The world truly does need your voice!


Here are some quick tips to get you started. These are the 3 that I would say are hands-down the most important things that will immediately set you apart from other speakers and leaders out there.


  1. Take Excellent Care Of Your Selfself care

Self-care for speaking is how you relate and connect with yourself before, during and after a talk, meeting, phone call, interview, etc. We often hear how self-care is really important and you might already be really “good” at self-care. But, let’s be honest. Speaking and leading takes a lot of energy, right? Don’t underestimate how much energy it takes. An important way to take care of your self as a speaker and leader is to learn how to warm-up. Fill up your own cup first (to overflowing!) and then give to the audience from the overflow.


  1. Value Connection More Than Any Other ResultFEM Talks April 2016 4

Connection is your ability to authentically engage and be present with the people you are talking to as well as with yourself. Connection is so important because without it any communication really falls flat and becomes more transactional. A lot of times people think their good connectors, but they are just good at turning on extraversion. FYI you can still be a good connector even if you are a natural introvert! Connection is about being present…in the moment…with yourself and with the person in front of you, and then being curious about what’s really going on. I suggest you make connection more important than any other result, i.e. more important than making the sale, getting the words right, or wearing the right clothes. Make connection more important and watch what magic happens.


  1. Get Training (Not Just Practice)

A lot of people tell me that they “just need more practice” to get over their nerves or fears and to be more effective. Public speaking is an art and a science. Speaking training is learning effective skills, getting expert feedback and bringing focused awareness to old habits that are blocking your ability to connect. A big part of training is getting that expert feedback from an outside perspective because, of course, we really can’t say how we’re being perceived by others. Practice is literally doing what you know how to do over and over until it becomes engrained. Practice without training might help you get by but will never get you to the place of powerful, inspiring speaking. So, I encourage you to seek out speaking, improv and vocal training and then to practice regularly.

Here are some of my clients doing their talks in our group sessions:

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I know that just giving you this information is not enough to really make a change in how to communicate; to get you the results you want with your business, and to feel more confident when you speak. I know that there are habits that you’ve had for years that without mentorship it’s so hard to overcome. So I want to give you a gift.

I want to gift you with a Speak To Inspire Breakthrough Session. This is an hour-long one-on-one phone session with me. We dive into your vision of where you want to go and clarify your unique challenges. And then we see what would support you best. If that’s my work then I’m happy to share more with you and if it’s not then I’m happy to share some resources and referrals with you.

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I’ve had past clients pay $250 for this session, but since you’re here on my site I’m happy to give this to you totally complimentary– my gift to you!

Now, this isn’t for everybody. This session is for those of you that resonate with me and for those of you who are speaking regularly already and there’s a lot at stake when you speak– funding, clients, income, reputation, promotion ,etc. These sessions take a lot of energy so they are just for those of you who are hungry for support around speaking right away and that have been struggling with playing small, fear of the audience’s judgment and struggling to get clients clamoring to work with you.

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I hope this article was helpful. Your voice and your message are important. I trust that if you’ve found me, then something in you is ready to shine. The world needs your voice.