You’re up at the front of the room. All eyes are on you. Your thoughts are clear. Your breath is calm. Each word has weight and meaning. You see them land in the eyes of your audience. As you finish your talk, the audience stands to applaud you and many clamor to talk to you and take you up on your offer.

This can be you! Would you like to have this affect on your audience? 

The biggest complaint I hear from clients and meetup group members is something like:

” I don’t know what to say! My mind goes blank.”

” How do I organize my thoughts? There is so much I want to say. I end up rambling and losing my point.”

“I want more people to sign up for my offers. How do I speak in a way that inspires people to take action?

Well, I work with speakers often on their delivery which is SO important (if not more important than content), but the reality is that if you have no idea what to say and how to organize your thoughts, your delivery will not be as powerful.

I have trained speakers from places like The Wall Street Journal and Fair Trade USA, as well as conscious entrepreneurs, yoga teachers and artists to structure talks persuasively.

The principles of compelling talk structure is a simple skill that will change how you communicate forever! and can be used in all aspects of life and in all industries.

Join me to learn the basic framework for compelling, persuasive and inspiring talks.