You’re walking along a path that’s winding towards the ocean. With each step you know you’re getting closer to that cool, refreshing swim! Even as sweat trickles down your back and you feel the exhaustion in your legs, you are spurred on by the thought of thatsatisfying swim.

The path winds around a final corner and then opens on to the beach. You throw your things onto the sand and run smiling into the water. You made it! You did it! You’re diving into that cool, clear water and all your efforts feel worth it.

This is how I want you to feel every time you get up to speak or teach. That even though it takes a lot of preparation and hard work, after that’s all done, there is the sweet satisfaction of making an impact on other people’s lives,seeing their smiles, or answering their question, and getting them enrolled into your programs. You get to feel valued, appreciated and fully heard. Mmmm… sweet, huh?

I know this path well. Just a year ago I was sitting at my desk in Baltimore, MD processing emails for a yoga studio and wondering when life would really start. Later that night after getting an alert, and in a burst of hope and inspiration I bought a ticket to Kaua’i for January 2015. I booked the ticket with the intention of giving myself a satisfying and refreshing gift after I got my business going.

December 2014 came and it was clear I wasn’t going to make it to Kauai that January. So, I re-booked the ticket for March and went back to my desk to work on my business. I booked speaking gigs, organized my meetup, designed my signature talk and signed up clients. 

February came along and I realized once again I wasn’t going to make it to Kauai, there was just too much work still to do. Again I re-booked it– this time for October 2015. I gave myself a good long time to get ready. And, once again, I went back to my desk to work on my business. I spoke every chance I got, I got inner-game support, I created my virtual group program, I practiced my speaking skills daily and I refined my coaching skills.

Now, I have good news. After over 2 years of daily work on my business, I am (finally) making it to Kaua’i in August of 2015!!! I leave this Tuesday for 10 days of pure vacation, rejuvenation and retreat.

I hope that by sharing this, you feel inspired to keep going towards your goals as a speaker, teacher and leader; to put your self-care and well-being first; and, to always pat yourself on the back for your efforts. Everyone (everyone!) on my list is doing such amazing work in the world. I wish I could get you all into a room so you could meet each other….

I can’t quite do that (yet), so I’d like to cordially invite you to join me for the super-accessible, very-easy-to-schedule-in, sooo-needed-by-everybody,    21 Days To Better Speaking E-Course:
Overcome Nerves And Finally Feel Confident On Stage”.

The skills of successful speakers and leaders take time to integrate into daily life so that they become a habit, and I kept hearing from my clients and meetup group members that they struggled to keep up with their practice routines. SO… now you have access to the accountability that you need to make every interaction an artful, easeful and effective moment of communication.

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How many conversations do you have per day that could either make a difference in someone else’s life or potentially make you money??   (one-on-one convos orspeaking opportunities)

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How about feeling confident in all of those conversations enough to share from your heart and speak authentically?

This 3 week course offers you daily inspiration that fits into your schedule– just 15 minutes per day!and into your budget– just $49!!

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Look out for pictures from Kaua’i in a few weeks 🙂

The World Needs Your Voice. 

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I believe in you,