“I can sense I’m giving the best talks of my life!”virgolette-chiuse

– Michael, Author and Speaker, Oakland, CA

Welcome! You know how some entrepreneurs want to grow a successful business through speaking or pitching, but they keep playing small and are stuck in survival mode. What they really want is to have a business that provides them freedom and abundance and to fulfill their purpose in the world.
Well, I’m Julia Beauchamp and I help entrepreneurs have the confidence and presence to magnetize more clients from the stage and inspire their audiences.
What I find is that they often struggle with a tired, fried or hoarse voice. They often have performance anxiety and fear the audience’s judgement, and end up shrinking down.

What they really want is to turn their audiences into clients clamoring to work with them and to command the room with openness and heart so that they can change lives with their message.

quotes1Thanks, Julia. You made it all possible. I even got a few laughs!virgolette-chiuse

-Amy, Managing Editor, Berkeley, CA

If this sounds like you… then, I’d like to offer you a 1-1 Speak to Inspire Breakthrough Session with me over the phone.
If you’re committed to speaking to inspire, and you’re hungry for support, then this session is for you!
It has a $250 value but since you’re here on my site, I want to offer you this call completely complimentary. I promise you’ll walk away with revelations and resources. Click the link below to schedule your session.

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